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8 x 10 inches

High Quality print on thick and durable matte paper. Each print is printed on archival, acid-free paper that yields brilliant prints to brighten up any room.

Each print has a white border making it easy to frame.

***Please note that this print is unframed!

Thank you for supporting small businesses!

Poem written in the art piece:

My body is my home
My home where I feel comfort
My home keeps me grounded
M home is a constant

I'm not always happy in my home
I wish it was smaller, prettier, better
But my home never leaves me
It protects me forever

My home gives me happiness
My home gives me tears
My home hears the sound of music
And holds memories to share

My home let's me feel the touch of those I love
And smell the petrichor from the rain above

My body is my home
My home brings me pleasure
My home is beautiful
My home is my treasure

My home let's me taste that first hit of coffee
And admire the sunrise
And imagine a story

My home has endured me putting it through pain
Again and again and again and again
Yet it still helps me through everyday
My body is my home and my home is here to stay

My Body Is My Home - Unframed Print

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